About Us
Mission Statement
"To inspire and support patients and their families, educate communities and drive research to find answers for a rare brain tumor."
Vision Statement
"To Improve the quality of life for acoustic neuroma patients and their families." 
Our Value's
  • Team ANA 417 prides itself in being a team; bringing the respected community together for a common goal.

  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective and efficient on raising awareness in our local community for acoustic neuroma research.

  • We promote honest, integrity and openness in all we do.

  • We encourage innovation to further research initiatives.

  • We foster collaboration to ultimately improve the quality of life for those suffering an acoustic neuroma diagnosis.

Distribution of Funds Raised
We are a completely volunteer based non-profit, meaning we do not budget in administrative fees , therefore all of our funds raised in excess of standard operating cost will go back into the community as described below. 
Giving Back Locally
Financial support and programs available for expenses incurred while undergoing treatment.


Giving Back Nationally
Towards funding for research, treatment and prevention.

Team ANA 417 Board of Directors
These individuals are local residents of Southwest Missouri and have donated their time to our wonderful cause. 
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Jennifer Miller

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Becky Solari

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Carissa Pettit

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James Pettit

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Aleena Yaktine

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Contact Us at teamanamo@gmail.com

Olivia Solari

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Patty Smulski

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