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Benign Brain Tumor Facts
  • Over 700,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor

  • Over 70% of these brain tumors are benign

  • An estimated 88,970 people will receive a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2022.  Which is up 1.5% from last year.

3 most common types of benign brain tumors;

  • Meningiomas

  • Gliomas

  • Schwannomas

Survival rate for benign tumors: 91.7%

if the survival rate is so high, why create a foundation?

Here’s WHY

Just because most benign brain tumors aren’t LIFE THREATENING, it does NOT mean they aren’t LIFE CHANGING.

Brain tumors can have lasting and life-altering physical, cognitive and psychological impacts on a patient’s life.

There are only five FDA approved drugs- and one device- to treat brain tumors.  For many tumor types, surgery and radiation remain the standard of care.


All stats refer to US population

National Brain Tumor Society, 2022

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