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Traditional Option - Surgery
Traditional Option - Surgery
Treatments Available 

Finding what treatment option is right for you is truly the most important step once diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma.  Cost not only plays a large factor in the type of treatment you choose but also in the prescreening/watch and wait process/post treatment care.

The very first case of a documented acoustic neuroma can be dated back to 1777 (Glasscock, M., 1968).  Back then the mortality rate due to an acoustic neuroma was nearly 80% due to delayed diagnosis and inoperable options.  Thankfully now with enhanced detection screenings, radiation and surgical treatment options, acoustic neuromas can be detected and removed sooner. 

According to The University of Texas Health Science Center, 2017, it wasn’t until recently that surgical removal of the tumor was the standard form of therapy. 


Now patients have other options;

  • Watch and Wait is for those who show no current symptoms or the tumor is considered slow growing or no growth at all.

  • Noninvasive radiation treatment, called FSR; Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery (also known as Novalis Shaped-Beam Surgery, Gamma Knife, Cyberknife, Protom Beam, etc.) which can pause the growth of the tumor. 

    • FSR uses multiple treatments instead of just one. 

Treatment options vary on a number of factors; the age of the patient, the size of the tumor, etc.  Some patients might combine some of these treatment options, it just depends on many variable factors.

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