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Treatment Cost

Not only does someone experience the fear after diagnosis and what that means for them and their future, but they also have to think about the cost and what effects that will have on their family. Even though someone has insurance, the best treatment may lye outside their state, which would make their insurance out of network.  Leaving those with no insurance or high deductible insurance plans torn on what to do for treatment and in turn can risk them turning down their best possible treatment method due to cost.

Successful outcomes of complex surgical techniques depend on the surgical team's level of experience. However, unless benefit is demonstrated in the presence of cost savings, insurance companies are reluctant to approve care from highly experienced hospitals and surgical teams.**

Not only is the treatment cost important, there are also plenty of other cost involved in pre/post care.  Travel, hotel, food are all expenses patients and their families have to consider when choosing where they receive treatment.

  • What type of treatment is best for me?

  • Where do I go for treatment?

  • What can I afford?

  • What should my next step be?

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