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Surgical Cost Summary

To put it in perspective of the team it takes to do such an extensive surgery;

  • The retrosigmoid approach (with no real complications):

  • 8-9 hour surgery

  • 2 neurosurgeons and a full hand-picked team, including a technician to monitor facial nerves

  • ICU for 2-4 days

  • Semi private room after ICU for 3-4 days

  • Surgeon(s) fee ($28,000) Anesthesiologist’s fee (around $5,000)

  • The total hospital charge is about $60,000.  ICU daily rate are over $5,000 a day.  A semi-private room is over $3,000 per day. 

  • You also have to figure in the ENT visits, multiple MRI scans, CT scans, blood work and peripheral pre-op tests and other miscellaneous charges that come up, too.  Also, if you experience facial paralysis, more charges will be added due to follow up procedures that might be necessary.

    An average estimate, would put the total cost at around $100,000.

*Please note- these are averages, and of course, final cost would be calculated if and when insurance is filed, where you have the treatment(s) done and also why type of treatment you choose.

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