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Why Cost Matters to Team A.N.A. 417

Here at Team A.N.A. 417, we don't think anyone should have to receive less than adequate care due to cost.  Unfortunately, cost can play a major role in the treatment one may select, even if they have full insurance plans or the personal funds to do so.

People seeking treatment will look at all areas in the United States for their choice of care but the questions of insurance, travel, hotel, food, etc. will all play into how someone ultimately chooses where they go for treatment.  There are those instances that an AN patient and their family will have to seek treatment outside of the area they live due to an urgent surgical and/or radiation recommendation by their attending physician.  At that point in time, the patient does not necessarily have a choice and will have to somehow find a way to get there to have access to those life saving treatment options.  A situation like that can leave a family left to foot one heck of a bill when all is said in done.​

This is where Team A.N.A. 417 wants to help!  A big piece of our mission is to help AN patients and their families with financial aid during this already difficult time in their life.  If you find yourself or a family member as someone who is needing Team A.N.A. 417, please submit your contact information below and we will contact your directly.  Our board of directors review these applications on a weekly basis.

Contact Information

We will contact you within 24-48 hours.  Thank you!

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