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How Do AN's Develop?

Tumors are typically described as;

  • Small (less than 2 cm)

  • Medium (2-4 cm)

  • Large (more than 4 cm).  Smaller tumors can often be associated with few symptoms whereas large compression tumors can be life threatening (Acoustic Neuroma Association, 2017).​

Size of Tumors

Acoustic Neuroma’s arise from the balance/hearing nerve (eight cranial nerve or vestibulocochlear nerve) that connects the ear to the brain.  The majority of these tumors are non malignant initially. The location of these tumors are deep inside the skull and are adjacent to vital brain centers in the brain stem.  When these tumors enlarge, they can cause severe pressure on the brain stem and cerebellum of the brain, which impose vital functions that sustain life (Mount Sinai, 2016).


Glasscock, M. E. (1968, December). History of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acoustic Neuroma. Arch Otolaryng, 88(6), 578-585.

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