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Fundraising is a crucial part of our foundation in order to offer support groups, programs, educational seminars and financial assistance to benign brain tumor patients and their families.

Follow along in our journey to better serve SW Missouri!

Grey Coat Society Support Group- TBA

Our Grey Coat Society is made up of so many amazing individuals from the SW Missouri area.  We all come from different walks of life but the one thing that ties us together is we all have or know of someone who has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.


Life looks a bit different for some of us but with the love and support of one another, we find the strength to keep fighting.  During this virtual support group, Team A.N.A. 417's founder, Jennifer Miller, will talk about her own personal experience of finding out she had a benign brain tumor at the age of 20.  Leaving her with single-sided deafness, facial paralysis, crippling headaches and balance issues.  13 years into her fight, each day is different and she will talk about why that is challenging yet liberating. 


Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark VanEss, ENT specialist through Mercy Clinic in Springfield, MO, will talk in depth about hearing loss due to a benign brain tumor and living life with single-sided deafness.


Open Forum- this event will be an open forum to share your story, your struggles, your questions, your frustrations, etc.  We are a team in this journey and we hope you will find an outlet of love and support from so many others here locally.


We are here for you and we hope you will tune in as you never know how life changing it might be. 


Our 3rd Annual Downtown Holiday Window Challenge
November 20th, 2021 -December 22nd, 2021

Calling all Springfield, MO downtown businesses! Lets bring the community together for a safe and fun downtown holiday event!  For a small entry fee, downtown businesses can participate in decorating their store front and through November & December, patrons can vote on their favorite window display.


Along with patrons, we will have 3 local celebrity judges voting on their favorite as well.


Winners will be announced December 23rd.  Prizes for top windows will be announced in the coming weeks! 


If you are a downtown business and want to sign up to participate, please email teamanamo@gmail.com 

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